A big scary step to……. Blogging

imageWelcome to my first Blog

Blogging is new and unknown to me but I thought I would give it a Whirl as another way to share my love of scrapbooking, card making and all things crafty.

Sometimes life is so busy with a full time job, a business and my wonderful family of 3 boys and a husband, it is hard to take time to get my craft on.  But making this time has so many rewards and benefits.  The minute I sit down at my craft table the tension of the day and the tiredness slips away and I am definitely in my happy place.  Whether I am creating my next samples or working on my albums or even helping the kids with homework that requires crafting, I get such relaxation and pleasure out of it.

The secret to regularly taking this time, is to have a table permanently set up ready to go so no time is wasted or effort required to start.  If you have not worked on your projects lately, I challenge you block out a couple of hours to work on something for yourself and share it here as well if you like.

Watch out for my next post which will be a challenge to get you back into it.




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