Getting started

Sometimes the hardest thing with crafting is getting started.  You make the time and get organised but the ideas and creativity are not flowing.  Sound familiar?  I have learnt over the years to start simply and use an Ideas book to get the ideas flowing.  Just following an idea will lead you to your next idea.  

Did you know each of our catalogues is an ideas book and the place I get a lot of inspiration from.  The  Seasonal Expressions is released twice a year as a supplement to our Annual Inspirations that is released each year in August.  Just browsing through the pages gets me inspired.  There is a list of all the products required for each project in the Recipes list.  I never worry if I don’t have the exact products as that is how I make the idea my own.

Here are a couple I have done lately

This based on the the Hello World layout on page 5 of the Seasonal Expressions December 14.  I used Hopscotch paper pack and the lovely Operation Smile stamp set

A card I have been working on is the sweet A little note on page 23.  I made it both similar to the sample and also using different  ShinHan Markers to make it different.

My CHALLENGE to you is to create a project based on something you have admired in any of the ideas books and post it here to share.





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