My biggest fear when swapping to a digital camera was that I would not print my photos on a regular basis.  There was nothing like finishing a roll of film, dropping it off and then going back in a day or so to see your photos.  There was the out of focus ones to laugh at, and the OMG ones of people not looking or with a funny look, and there was also the stunning one of your child’s beautiful smile, or even the one we had forgotten we had taken.  We could not share or see our photos until they were develpoed and that encouraged us to actually get the printed on a regular basis.

Over the years with a digital camera I have got worse at printing my photos as I can already share them on Facebook or even on the camera, and there is no natural trigger to get the printed regularly.  In 2015 I have made myself a promise to  get back onto this so my children won’t be part of the generation with no photos.  

First step in this was to regularly print the photos off my mobile phone.  Did you know there are apps to do this easily.  I can sit at home and use the app to choose the ones I want to print and then when I am near the photo shop or office works, I can easily upload straight from my phone, the folder of images I want printed.  Last year I also did a quick albums of all my mobile photos from 2013 using the Picture My Life cards and pages.  Mobile phone photos are a snapshot of our daily life, from phone hacking selfies to a quick snap of an award at school assembly they are just as precious as the more formal special occasion photos.

Second step for me was to get a new lens for my camera, as mine has been broken for several months and taking photos on my phone although handy, is frustrating for a photo mad amateur like me.  I did that today and now I am off and running rediscovering my passion for taking photos.  My plan is to print all photos on the first of the month each and every month so that my photo printing returns to a regular pattern and I have new photos to scrapbook each month.

Step 3 will be to catch up with my albums so that I ca again enjoy showing my photos to families and friends.  I will be taking inspiration from the beautiful new paper packs available in the new Seasonal Expressions 2 released on April 1st.  They are Blossom and Jackson.  I will post projects using these soon.

I would love you to share any other ideas you use for printing photos in the comments section and I will choose at random one of the ideas to reward with a prize! 

Thanks for dropping by….




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