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Welcome to our February Blog Hop.

The blog hop is a big circle and by clicking on the links you can journey through our Blogs and hopefully be inspired.  

If you came here from Wendy’s Blog you are on the right path.

This month we are heading BACK TO….. 

It is back to school here at my house with a new chapter for us all. After 16 years at Primary School my youngest Tom, started High School today.  He goes as a confident and excited young man, keen to follow in his brothers footsteps. 

James, son number 2, heads back to school for his final year.

Each year we take a photo here in front of the garden and they fill out a “this is me” sheet for their school albums.  

This is something I made when Lachlan, my eldest, started prep 17 years ago.

I don’t remember where I first saw the idea but it has become a great tradition in our family.

It is a simple A4 sheet I print off my computer each year and the children fill it out as they start school.   I decorate it a little with stickers or stamps and then it is the first page of each of their years at school opposite the first day photo in their school albums.

In prep I wrote most of it for them and then they wrote more each year after.

It is a great record of their handwriting development and their changing tastes. 

They change from wanting to be a fireman in prep to being a WWE wrestler in grade 2 and onto dreaming of being an Aussie cricketer as they progress through the years.

It is a snapshot of their thoughts and cheekiness that is treasured by them as much as me.

This one above is what it looks like before  I decorate it.

If you would like  a copy of it please visit my Facebook Page or feel free to recreate your own.

Each school album is slightly different as is each years photos, depending on what events I manage to get photos at.  The minimum each year is the first day photo, “this is me” and their school photos.

Have a wonderful February and enjoy your crafting.

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