Crafting is my Job

For over 17 years now I have been crafting and scrapbooking and loving every minute.  For over 16 years I have been sharing my love of scrapbooking with others as a hobby and a job.

Crafting is my relaxation and my favourite thing to do when I have downtime. This little hobby of mine I started to pay for my supplies is now so much more.

My fellow consultants and my team are my support network, my dearest friends and my inspiration.  The sense of satisfaction I get when I help someone complete a project or when you see them discover Scrapbooking for the first time is amazing.  When I see my team gaining self confidence and developing new life skills I am overwhelmed with pride.

This “job” gives me so much:

  • Self confidence
  • Great friends
  • Travel
  • Leadership training
  • A sisterhood
  • Income
  • A big cupboard of amazing crafting supplies at my fingertips
  • Design skills
  • Fun

My Scissors Paper Heart team are truly a wonderful bunch of woman from all walks of life, and of all ages and backgrounds who care about and support each other because of the amazing 1 thing we have in common – Close to My Heart ❤️.

In February Close to My Heart is welcoming back previous consultants as well as offering all new consultants a great gift for joining this amazing company.

Please contact me if you wish to find out more or have a look here

I love my team




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