Why do we journal?

A picture tells a 1000 words is a well known quote and yes you can guess so much by looking at someone’s photos, and sometimes that is enough.  But other times we need to also share the story behind a photo.

I love reading back over my boys baby albums and reading the little stories I have written all those years ago. We think we are going to remember every detail forever, but unfortunately we don’t. A sentence about how they are finally sleeping through the night brings a smile to my face  and a cute story about what they have achieved that day triggers so many other memories.

On a page about Lachlans first car, this photo takes pride of place.  Many people have said to me that they wondered why this photo was the central photo on the page about this exciting milestone in Lachlan’s life until they read the story underneath.

This is Tom standing on a post at cricket so he could see the cars on the main road as he desperately waited to see Lachlan arrive in the car that Tom was just as excited about.  He stood there for over 20 minutes asking if every blue car driving along Elgar Road that afternoon was Lachlan arriving.  All he knew was that it was a blue subaru.  He was so proud of his brother and to be honest was taking 50% ownership of the car, and Lachlan as his personal driver.  

This moment was just as important as the arrival of the car as it was an example of how close my boys are and how much Tom adores Lachlan.

Don’t forget to journal on your pages to add to story the photos tell, even if it is just a sentence or 2.




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